Celebrate friends who make every day a holiday quoteCelebrate the happiness that friends are always giving, make every day a holiday and celebrate just living! Amanda Bradley

Don’t you love the friends who make every day a holiday?!

Well, the holidays are rapidly approaching and we’ve got some girlfriend advice to minimize the stress and maximize the memories by spending time with our favorite friends. Here’s our list of 3 Ways to Get Ready for the Holidays with a Friend:

1. Wrap Gifts Together – Making a present beautiful is a great way to make the gift-recipient feel special and loved, right? What can make it even better? Wrap your gifts with a friend and make some memories as you create beautiful holiday presents. I know this for a fact thanks to Judi and Sue who I spent a day with wrapping gifts. We laughed, shared stories and enjoyed making the holidays gifts even more special together. (This is also true for writing holiday cards, a task that might not normally be fun. By the fire one night in my dear friend Dana’s house, we wrote our holiday cards, drank wine, enjoyed the fire and got our cards done – together. It was one of my last Christmas’ with her and I’ll always treasure that night.)

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Cupcakes recipe2. Bake Together or Do Cookie Exchange – Saving time during the holidays is a wonderful ‘gift,’ right?! Organize your friends to do a cookie exchange. Or, invite a friend or two over to do your holiday baking together. Both will be wonderful ways to spend time with your friends and save some time over the hectic holidays. (My friend Andi has the women in her family over for a day of cookie baking. It’s a wonderful tradition in itself, but my favorite part is where she shares little bags of a tasty cookie assortment with her friends. I love finding it on my doorstep!) Our recommendation, especially for Thanksgiving, try this yummy Pumpkin Cream Cheese Cupcake recipe by our friends at WannaBite.com. You might want to make a triple batch – for you/your family, a girlfriend/her family and a few extras as special treats you share with friends and neighbors!

3. Run Errands for each other – Combining two of our ‘signs of friendship’ (asking a friend for a favor and making her life better), this most wonderful time of the year is a wonderful time to help each other. One great way is to make her life better by running some errands for a busy friend. It can be as easy as combining errands – like picking up her holiday greenery when you’re buying yours. Or it can be just taking some items off her overflowing ‘To Do’ list like picking up gifts, delivering packages, mailing packages or assisting with airport transport for incoming relatives. Just help her out and make her holiDAYS better. It’s the thoughtful gift of time that is greatly needed at this wonderfully busy time of the year.

3 ways to get ready for the holidays with your friendsBONUS: Check in on your Friends – The holidays can bring sad memories and sometimes lonely moments. Be the thoughtful friend who cares about the girlfriend who lost a parent or partner this year. Give special attention to friends who might find this season less than jolly. They’re great candidates for the above – to cheer up with Pumpkin Cupcakes, to help out their busy holidays by running an errand for or making their gift even more special with a thoughtful gift with lovely wrapping.

Actually, just practice being the kind of friend who makes every day a holiday for your girlfriends. How do YOU get ready for the holidays? How do you make your friends feel special during the holidays (or any day!)?

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