Things a real friend tells youA friend knows the song in my heart and sings it to me when my memory fails. ~Donna Roberts

A real friend knows how to make a friend feel loved, special, valued. In our journey to ‘BE A BETTER FRIEND,’ we believe there are three things that a REAL friend will tell you …

1. You’re Beautiful (Smart. Amazing. Inspiring. You’re __insert the perfect adjective here__). Positive, thoughtful and sincere affirmations NEVER grow old. Tell her the things you love about her, the qualities that make her amazing, the strengths she has that she may not even know. Tell her what you love/admire/think about her. Tell her how she makes the world better for you, her friends, others. She may not hear that from her other relationships. It’s up to you to remind her of the song in her heart, or the difference that she makes in others’ lives.

2. What can I do to make your life easier? It’s a honor to be someone’s BFF, right? It’s a joy to have a friend who cares about your life – for the little and the big things. Ask her – what can I do to make YOUR life better? How can I make life easier for YOU? Ask, but only if you mean it. Be there for her. It might be a simple as being the friend who listens, the one who cares about her job, the girlfriend who she gets to vent to about her life but who understands. It might even be the friend who helps her by doing buy maxalt rizatriptan little things like driving her to the airport or helping her wrap holiday gifts. Be the friend who helps make her life easier. You’ll be honored to do so.

3. When there is spinach in your teeth, a rip in a very important seam, when your favorite shoes are on sale ... but holds back on the things that might hurt you (like telling you your relationship is a mess – you know it already, right?!). A real friend weighs the importance of the message with the way it will impact you. She cares about your feelings and your life. A real friend will give you grace, over advice; kindness over bluntness; love over judgement.

Girlfriend – we’re here for each other, right?

Real friends are – and they make the life we live so much happier, that they’re worth a few honest compliments, a little thoughtfulness and a filter when it comes to advice.

So, do it. BE A BETTER FRIEND. Be the friend who cares, listens, makes her life easier. (So fun, because she’ll do the same for you!)

What would you add to this list of 3 Things that a Real Friend Tells You?

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