Happy Summer Girlfriend! What are you and your friends doing this summer for fun? We’ve got 12 Ideas for a Fun Summer with Your Girlfriends – to beat the heat, have fun in the sun, and just enjoy the joys of girlfriends!

Girlfriendology friends are the sunshine, friendship quote“FRIENDS are the sunshine of life.” (Be someone’s sunshine today!)  – John Hay

1. Plan a picnic. There are so many wonderful ways to picnic during the summer. Find a picnic table at a park or bring your own blanket (red check table cloths are not mandatory). Find portable, easy to eat food, and savor the sunshine while you share lunch or dinner with your favorite outdoorsy girlfriend.

2. Go someplace you’ve been meaning to visit for a while. Go explore with a girlfriend! You know that list of places you’ve said you’re going to get to “someday”? Make now that “someday.” Call up a gal pal and head out to explore a particular part of town, a flea market, or park that you’ve never gotten around to visiting.

3. Nothing says summer like water. Whether you’re a swimmer or not, there are all sorts of ways to enjoy water activities in the summer with your friends. Find a pool, a pond, a lake, or a river, and relish the sights and sounds. Consider kayaking or canoeing on a lazy river or lake. Perhaps you and a friend prefer to float the day away in an inner tube or on a raft or at a local water park. Maybe hanging out with your friends while you take a dip in a pool is more your style, just don’t forget the sunscreen!

4. Share watermelon. We all love the freshness of summer fruits and vegetable, and when you can grow them yourself or buy them at a local farm stand, they are even better. But the most ‘summer’ fruit of all is watermelon. And it is the perfect size for sharing with a bunch of girlfriends.

12 Ideas for a Fun Summer with Your Girlfriends5. Try a new flavor of ice cream. If you’re not in the mood for fruit, consider trying new summertime ice cream flavors. It seems everyone from large ice cream distributors to local mom & pop stores bring out fantastic new flavors each summer. (What’s your favorite? And what’s your BFF’s favorite flavor?!) Or try making homemade ice cream and the sky’s the limit!

6. See a movie. On days when it is blazing hot and the idea of even walking to the mailbox seems dreadful, why not head to the movies? There are dozens of new releases this time of year and you are sure to find one that you and your girlfriends will enjoy as much as you enjoy the delightfully cool air conditioning. (Just checking – who’s seen BRIDEMAIDS? Which of these 100 Chick Flicks are your favorites?)

7. Read a great book. Summer is a wonderful time for reading a new book. The days are longer and it feels like there is extra time to sit and read for while each day. Are you part of a book club? What books do you recommend to your girlfriends?

8. Catch up on fresh looks with a favorite magazine* (or two). There is something completely indulgent about reading fun magazines (and blogs!) and summer seems like the perfect time for catching up on your favorites. Grab the copies you’ve been meaning to read for a while, set up a lawn chair, and relax. Then share those magazines or books with a girlfriend and have your own little reading group. Or read the same book as a long distance girlfriend then catch up on life and the book the next time you chat. Enjoy all the things you love – summer, reading and your great girlfriends!

9. Work together to be Healthier – Did you know that female friendship actually makes women healthier? It reduces stress (definitely a healthy thing) but it also means we support ativan online each other. Why not take a healthy challenge with your friends and these 5 ways to be healthier this summer?

10. Brunch! – Who doesn’t love Brunch, right?! It’s a perfect way to spend time with friends on a Saturday or Sunday mid-morning (probably not too early!). Invite the girls over, set up a picnic table or trays to take brunch outside (or stay in, if it’s just too hot!). What should you serve? How about a brunch bread bowl with ingredients that each girlfriend selects herself?! Check out the brunch recipe and wine pairing from the Wine Sisterhood. (They’re not only Wine Sisters, they’re also fabulous Foodies!)

11. Grilling Girls – Sure it’s hot, but some things are worth it! Fire up the grill with/for the girls with a tasty Cilantro Lime Beef Satay. Serve with Middle Sister Rebel Red or PromisQous Red and voila! Then jump in a pool and cool off! (Even if it’s just a wading pool or you feel like a kid again and run through a sprinkler

12. Celebrate Summer! Girlfriend parties are the BEST, right? So plan some time together. That’s all it takes. TIME TOGETHER! Summer Solstice, Pool Day, Sangria Saturday (check out that recipe!), Birthdays, 4th of July, Chick Flicks – or just make up an excuse to see your girlfriends!

What are YOU and YOUR GIRLFRIENDS doing for the Summer?

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