friendship blogher girlfriendsGet your girlfriends and celebrate – it’s International Friendship Day!

If it is the first Sunday of August, it is officially ‘International Friendship Day,’ (or any other day of the year) it’s a great time to celebrate female friendship. We women know that we couldn’t live without our girlfriends so why not plan some time together to celebrate your friendship?

Here are 10 ways to celebrate International Friendship Day – or any day – with your girlfriends: (And thanks to the girlfriends noted who shared their ideas on Girlfriendology and Facebook!)

1. The Classic Mani/Pedi – Nothing says ‘girlfriend time’ like a little pampering in the company of a friend. Combine it with lunch or a cocktail to get in a full afternoon of BFF time. You might just have to make this a regular ritual. (And, speaking of BFFs, here’s a BFF Quiz to test your best buddy knowledge!)

2. Sunday Brunch – You’re just a mimosa away from making memories with your favorite female friends. Make it a special weekend with your friends by reserving a table at a great breakfast spot. Give yourselves ample time to dine and chat. (And capture the memories with photos to share on Girlfriendology!) Thanks ELLEN!

3. Pool Time – Gotta love being around your friends who love you regardless how you look in a bathing suit! LISA shared that she and her friends are planning some pool time with each other and their Kindles. (I just saw the new Kindles – thinner, lighter, cheaper, etc. Very cool!)

4. Walk/Talk – This is my favorite way to exercise – with a friend! Walk trails at a park together or explore a new neighborhood. If the weather isn’t cooperating with your plans, walk laps at a mall or school. Miles go quickly when you’re lost in girlfriend conversation!female friendship

5. Karaoke & Dancing – BIRGITTA and her girlfriends are going out this weekend – watch out! Grab your fun, silly, levitra online australia singer-or-not girlfriends and hit the town.

6. Gourmet Girlfriends – Create the menu and divvy up the recipes to your gourmet gal pals. Have everyone over for a memorable meal with friends (which means calories don’t count!).

7. Crafty Girlfriend Card/Gift-making Party – You know the girlfriends who always have glue or paint on their nails or random balls of yarn rolling around their car?! Invite them and your other creative friends over to make cards or gifts for all your girlfriends. Stick to simple projects – like earrings, cards, bookmarks or embellishing journals. Create memories together and for those lucky gift/card recipient friends.

8. Progressive Dinner – ROBERTA and her girlfriends are going to one place for cocktails and appetizers, another for dinner and a great dessert place to end the evening. Love that – no one has to clean their house or do any dishes!

9. Make-up Swap Party – Inspired by a recent visit with my BFF (some girlie-girl therapy!). Invite the girls and their spare make-up (un-used), lotions and hair accessories over. Girlfriends can receive a ticket for every item they bring to exchange for a new-to-them beauty item. Then, bring out more make-up and do a make-over on each other. Try a new eye shadow or lip shade. Trust your girlfriends to fix your hair then hit the town with your new look.

10. Phone a Friend – We’ve designated Sunday as the day to call up your girlfriends and catch up on her/your lives. Plus, weekends usually are free minutes – so CALL! Celebrate Friendship Day by laughing over old times, crying if needed and planning future events together – it just takes a few minutes to call and reconnect with friends. Pick up the phone!

What other things are you doing to celebrate International Friendship Day? Share and inspire!

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