grateful girlfriendsLet us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” Marcel Proust

My coworker Paula hasn’t seen the changing leaves of Autumn in person. Raised in Guatemala, now living in Florida, she’s never witnessed the beauty of this season, nor seen how trees seem to be electrified as their leaves glow in wonderful colors, no crunch of leaves under foot or aroma of leaves and branches burning on a cool Fall evening.

Knowing this, and wanting to share it with my southern girlfriend, has made me appreciate the amazing awesomeness of autumn even more this year. It makes me grateful for experiencing the colors of fall like I wouldn’t have without knowing how special it is to experience it.

November is the month of giving thanks. Like being reminded to be grateful for this beautiful season, it’s our month to celebrate gratitude for and with our girlfriends. So, here’s our 10 ways to celebrate this month of gratitude (with your girlfriends):

1. Write letters to your girlfriends – Tell them what you’re grateful for, why you love the gift of their friendship, what is so beautiful about them (even if they can’t see it). Make their day – take the time to share what is so special about them!

2. Tell your friends what you love about them – Take this opportunity to express your admiration and appreciation face-to-face. Life can be too short. You’ll never regret making a friend feel as special as her friendship is to you. Over donut, drink or dinner – spending time together and expressing gratitude are a wonderful combination.

3. Keep a Gratitude Journal – Then start the habit of writing down what you’re thankful for every day – like the girlfriends who bless your life on a daily basis!

4. Give a Gratitude Journal – What do you give the girlfriend who has everything? Go on this gratitude journey together. See how it changes how you both look at the world.

5. Have a Girlfriend Gratitude Dinner – Invite the girlfriends over for a serving of friendship and crockpot full of yumminess. Raise a glass to your friends and tell them why you’re thankful for their friendship.

6. 30 Days and 30 friends and 30 wonderful opportunities to be grateful – Set a goal of calling a friend (or sending a card, texting, or doing something thoughtful) for a friend every day over the coming month. A quick ‘I’m thankful for you’ everyday will make this a memorable month of friendship for you and your friends.

7. Give the Gift of Time – What girlfriend needs some of your time? Call her up, make a dinner date, then give her your full attention – no phone, no kids, no distractions. You’ll both be grateful for the conversations you’ll have and the memories you’ll share.

8. Gratitude Hour, every week – You just got an extra hour, how about extending that over the coming month with an hour every week where you express your gratitude. Run an errand for a friend. Just visit with her and have a really conversation.

9. Create some art that expresses gratitude and give to a friend – Show her how much you appreciate her with some handmade messages in the form of art.

10. Make a vow to be more aware of beauty, of friendship, of gratitude – Life is beautiful. Life is short. Life, if we live it right, is filled with wonderful friends for whom we are thankful, right? Commit to being more aware of the blessings all around you – fall, friends and family. Let gratitude guide you this month and see how it makes a difference in your life.

Who are you grateful for? How have you told them?

p.s. And, Paula – I so wish you could see this amazing Autumn! It’s beautiful!

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