10 Things to do when the World Makes No Sense911, the ultimate ‘the world makes no sense’ day – right? But since then, we have Newtown, Aurora, San Bernardino, Orlando, and now Dallas (and too many other cities). Not to mention ISIS and all the other scary things going on in the world. What can help you feel better when crazy, terrible things happen in the country or world?

Where were you when the world stopped turning on that September day? Alan Jackson (see below)

10 Things to do when the World Makes No Sense

  1. Phone a Friend – Sometimes we just need to hear the voice of a friend. Call her up. Talk about what is going on and what you’re feeling. If needed, cry together or try to cheer each other up. Just be there for each other. I remember the day that Princess Diana died. I was on vacation with my husband and I told him, “I have to call my BFF.” I did. He understood. I just needed to phone a friend. That’s what they’re there for.
  2. Pray for Peace – Whatever your belief, pray or send out positive vibes that people will do better. Remind yourself to demonstrate peace through your kindness and understanding.
  3. Watch/read the News – Maybe you need to understand the situation better or just watch in disbelief with a strong sympathy and empathy for those close to the situation. If the news helps you, watch it. If not …
  4. Don’t watch/read the News – Sometimes it helps to take a break from all the bad news in the world. It’s okay to turn the TV to HGTV or QVC or Lifetime. This is a time for you to practice self-care. If you need to take a ‘time out’ from the news, take it. Get your weather from an app, ask your friends or partner to let you know if there is anything you really need to know about. Breathe.
  5. Hug a Friend or Stranger – Sometimes human contact (aka: a hug) is what you need. Hug a friend, neighbor, stranger, cop. Pass along the positive energy you have to share. Start a ‘Free Hugs‘ movement. (check out the other video below!)
  6. Protest, sign petitions, speak out, or Start a Nonprofit to do something about it – Eldridge Cleaver said, “‘If you are not a part of the solution, you are a part of the problem.” Do something about it. Protest violence or in support of stronger gun laws (whatever you believe). Don’t feel helpless – do something to make a change.What to do when the world makes no sense pi
  7. Forgive a Friend – After Dallas happened last week, a friend on Facebook recommended that we spread love, not hate – like in forgiving a friend. I didn’t need to forgive one, I needed to ask forgiveness. I did and hopefully we’ll rebuild our friendship that I’ve missed so much.
  8. Practice Gratitude – Like the quote says, we need gratitude to heal us. What are you grateful for? Think about it. Feel it. Say THANKS. There are so many people in our life to be thankful for, we need to practice that on a daily basis.
  9. Volunteer / Give back to Others – Dealing with stress is rough. Helping others can help us even more. Find places to volunteer in your world – a pet or homeless shelter, tutoring inner-city kids, making blankets for homeless people … how can you use your time/life to help others?
  10. Be a Friend – It’s it weird/strange how many gunmen are reclusive, friendless, sad stories that went under the radar until they snapped?! Life is short. Befriend the difficult. Be kind to those who are awkward or socially challenged. Or just be nice to a new neighbor – take them squash from your garden or compliment their lawn. Just strike up a conversation and meet a new potential friend.

P.S. If you are feeling depressed or so sad or helpless that you struggle to function normally, see a professional. Talk to a friend. I just talked to a girlfriend who lost several close relatives in a short amount of space. She needed an anti-depressant for a little while to just help her breathe and function. It’s okay. Do what you need to do to take care of you – and help a friend figure out any solutions that might help her.

(and just have to share this perfect 9/11 memory to remind us of the day we all thought the world made no sense)

And love this one …

That’s why we’re here – to inspire you to BE A BETTER FRIEND – even, and especially, when life hands you or a girlfriend tough situations.

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