What’s YOUR favorite holiday movie? Is it a romance? Silly Santa or sentimental oldie? What movie(s) do you watch every Christmas?Holiday movies Romances Susan Mallery

Holiday traditions, girlfriend traditions … combine the two and you’ve got the making of memories and sharing the holidays together. Why not invite a friend or three over to share in watching some of the great holiday romances recommended by romance author (and great girlfriend to Girlfriendology!) SUSAN MALLERY … why not?!

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10 Must-See Holiday Romances

by Susan Mallery, Bestselling Author

The holiday season can be stressful, especially for women. We’re the nurturers, and whether it’s reasonable or not, many of us feel that it’s our responsibility to make the season magical for the people we love. If we can’t afford the latest gotta-have-it toys for our kids, we feel guilty. If we’re too busy to cook everything from scratch, we feel like we’re not doing it “right.” We do the majority of the shopping for husbands, boyfriends, parents, kids, friends… and we do it while working a full-time job. And yet, we feel guilty if we don’t find a few spare minutes to decorate eight dozen sugar cookies.

De-Stress Your Life during the Holiday Season

Hit the brakes, girlfriend! Let go of all that guilt and remember that what makes the holiday season truly joyful is love.

My favorite way to relax, decompress, and get into the holiday spirit is to read holiday-themed romance novels. (You might have guessed that, seeing as I’m a romance writer.) But running a close second is watching holiday-themed romantic movies. When I’m watching holiday romance movies, I don’t want any harshness – no Bad Santa cynicism for me. No, what I’m looking for is wide eyed, unvarnished optimism. Sentimental is good. My heart is open, and I’m ready to be moved.

A Romance Writer’s Top 10 Romantic Holiday Movies (in no particular order)

10. It’s a Wonderful Life – The scene with Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed on the phone, trying desperately not to let on that they were overwhelmed by each other remains one of the most romantic movies in movie history. The screen burned with sexual tension in a day when “sex” was a four-letter word.

9. Mrs. Miracle – Debbie Macomber writes wonderful Christmas romances, and this 2009 Hallmark TV movie starring Doris Roberts as a nanny who just may be magic, is a lovely screen adaptation.

8. While You Were Sleeping – The chemistry between Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman felt so true that their scenes alone felt almost like eavesdropping on a real-life first date. Was I the only one who kept hoping the brother would stay in his coma?

7. Moonstruck – Cher and Nicolas Cage made for a weird pairing, but somehow it worked. Gets to me every time.

6. The Shop Around the Corner – Like many modern day moviegoers, I discovered this gem after it was remade as “You’ve Got Mail” starring Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. The original is better, though both are good. Jimmy Stewart may be kind of scrawny, but the man knew how to make his woman – and the audience – feel the strength of his love.

5. Elf – I admit it’s stupid, but it’s funny, too, and heartwarming. Buddy the Elf feels every emotion to the extreme, including (maybe especially) love, and it makes for a fun holiday tradition.

4. Miracle on 34th Street – Cynical single mom and her disbelieving daughter get the best gift ever from Santa – a husband and a father who will love them forever!

3. The Holiday – Two romances for the price of one. I never would’ve guessed I’d fall for Jack Black, but I did, right along with the lovely and sad Kate Winslet. Jude Law and Cameron Diaz’s story was compelling, too, and the ending was perfect.

2. Anything on Fa-La-La-La Lifetime – I love the Lifetime channel so much that it’s mentioned in almost all of my Fool’s Gold romance novels. (Fool’s Gold has a man shortage, so the local bar caters to women by playing Lifetime and HGTV on the big screen TVs instead of sports.) If I do happen to get around to baking where can i buy mirtazapine cookies in December, you can bet I’ll have my TV tuned to Lifetime’s Christmas movie marathons. I can always count on Fa-La-La-La Lifetime for a heartwarming, romantic holiday movie.

1. Love, Actually – I don’t think I’m giving away any surprises by sharing one of the last lines of the movie: “Love actually is all around,” said by Hugh Grant’s character as though the fact were a revelation. There’s a lot of cynicism about love in the world, but when you let go of your so called sophistication and really look at the people around you, you’ll realize something I have always known to be true: Love exists, and it can last forever.

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What movie(s) do you watch every year? What’s your favorite holiday romance?

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