Girlfriend traditions, female friendshipHow often do you see your girlfriends? Not enough?! You need some Girlfriend Traditions!

The best way to remedy that is to start some girlfriend traditions (or several!) of getting your favorite female friends together on a regular basis so you stay in touch, make memories and have an excuse to laugh and share with your girlfriends!

We’ve got 10 Girlfriend Traditions you can start today!

(and welcome you to share more in the comments!) What girlfriend traditions do you have?

1. Book Club – For book (and/or wine) lovers! Our book club happens to be ‘no stress’ meaning “reading the book is optional, having fun with your girlfriends is not!” Get the girls (neighbors, friends, soccer moms, women from church) together and start a book club. (Here’s a great appetizer to take to book club!)

2. Dinner Club – Admit it, we all love to eat and drink together! Girlfriends, dinner, wine and just time together are all the ingredients for a great dinner club. Plan a theme, let everyone know what to bring (or make it all yourself), just set aside a night every month (or so) to break bread with your BFFs.

3. Birthday Club – My friend Carole has an awesome ‘Diva Group‘ (lower picture above). They celebrate their birthdays together. On birthdays ending in an ‘O’, they make it a HUGE celebration. The birthday ‘girl’ receives the number of gifts as is her birthday. Make your own birthday celebration tradition with your girlfriends. Just celebrate the day and the gift of their friendship.

4. Seasonal Shopping Fashion Friends – Which girlfriends are your source of fashion feedback and the girls with all the coolest clothes? Start a fashion friends tradition where you meet for lunch and look at fashion trend magazines. Then scout through the stores for the best deals on the latest fashions. Shopping is much more fun with friends!

5. Swap PartyLove her sense of style? Does she always recommend the best books? Have an annual or quarterly Swap party where you exchange books, fashion accessories, home decor elements – whatever works for your girlfriends. Just bring things together and trade them. It’s almost like shopping but without spending!

6. Volunteer TogetherBe a friend to your city and spend time with your girlfriends by volunteering together. Pet cats at a rescue center. Do construction on homes for Habitat Humanity. Make a family in need’s holidays happier. Whatever you decide to do to volunteer, it’s even better together!

7. Sending Thoughtful Cards – I love to get a sweet card from a girlfriend, don’t you? Why not be the one sending the cards and spreading the happiness? Make your tradition to send a card to your girlfriends on their birthdays and those in-between ‘just because days.’ You’ll make their days, guaranteed!

8. Chick Flick Club – Post the sign ‘No Boys Allowed!’ and invite the girls over for popcorn, snacks, and your favorite chick flick. Or, meet the girls at a theater and watched the latest fun film. Make it a monthly tradition or every time a good chick flick is released. Everyone can be the best supporting girlfriends! (Here’s our list of the top 100 Chick Flicks! And here’s more on having a great movie night with girlfriends!)

9. Brunch Bunch – At your favorite restaurant or trying a new place to dine every month, set a schedule of doing brunch with your fave BFFs. Get the coffee going along with the great stories and laughter! (Not up for brunch, plan a monthly lunch. Just find a good time for all the girls to get together!) (Here’s 5 Girlfriend Brunch Ideas!)

10. Girlfriend Get-aways – Maybe it’s an annual camping trip like my friend Anitra and her friends take, or a weekend away every fall to the outlet malls (like Colleen and friends do), or maybe it’s a little more luxurious or exotic. The destination is secondary. What’s important is that you get away with your girlfriends and enjoy time together. Make memories, take photos, laugh, enjoy. Life is too short not to plan a girlfriend trip!

10. Find time for a Friend – Whatever the tradition, set a schedule of finding time for your friends. Make it and them a priority. Wine time on the porch, coffee on the deck, dinner at a new restaurant or just walking together, find time for your friends. You’ll be so glad you did!
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  • Holiday Traditions – from gift exchange to holiday concerts, girlfriends make the holidays even better!


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