10 Easy Tips for Planning a Girlfriend <a style=adipex no prescription Trip PI” width=”301″ height=”451″ />When was the last time you had a Girlfriend Trip?

Sometimes you just need to get away from your job, family, responsibilities, and just basically life – right?! This doesn’t make you a bad person – it makes you human. A girlfriend trip is the best way to take time to do something you love with friends that you love! Whether you rent a house and spend the week on a beach somewhere or book an adventure, take a cruise or go siteseeing in a new big city, these tips for planning a girlfriend trip are a must.

A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.” – Tim Cahill

1. Choose Your Travel Companions – You want to travel with people who share your interests and energy. For example, choose friends with common interests – those who love to hike and are interested in a zip-line tour. Some of your friends are not going to be interested in this type of trip. Access your vacation lifestyles to make sure you’re compatible. Choosing the right travel companions helps ensure the trip goes smoothly.

2. Set a Budget – This is something you’ll need to sit down and discuss with your travel companions right away. Each person should be able to afford the trip without feeling stretched too thin. The budget will also help you decide if you’re going on a weekend or week long trip.

3. Think Outside the Box – Once the budget and length of trip have been decided, start thinking about where you want to go. While Vegas, New York City, and hip beach destinations are a popular choice, think outside the box. What do you and your girlfriends love to do? Find a location that gives you something new to experience and fun to do together.

4. Spread Out the Work – You should not be left to handle everything. Look at the following tasks and assign them to those that would do the best job. Flights, hotels, rental cars, tickets to plays or tours – divvy up the responsibilities. This helps you focus on your tasks and gives everyone something to do.Girlfriend Trip Tips

Never go on trips with anyone you do not love. Ernest Hemingway

5. Schedule Your Time – Once you’ve chosen a location, you want to schedule your time. For example, if you’re going to a mountain resort, you might choose to go hiking one day, rock climbing the next, and spend a day at the spa or shopping. When you plan your time, you wake up knowing what you’re going to do and never miss out on anything the area has to offer.

6. Leave Time for Relaxing – One of the main reasons for a girlfriend trip is to get away and relax. Don’t make the mistake of over-scheduling your time. Leave time in the schedule to sleep in, go for drinks in the evening, explore, walk, etc. Not to mention, everyone needs her alone time, even on a girlfriend trip.

7. Put Your Bargain-Hunting Skills to Use – You know your location and what you want to do. Now it’s time to start bargain-hunting for great deals on hotels, travel options, attractions, etc. Look online for package deals or visit your local travel agency. Personally, I’ve had great success and savings with Airbnb (& it’s international too).

8. Make Arrangements – After finding those deals, make the arrangements by booking the trip. This will require someone in your group to use her credit card. The person that uses her card should be paid for the trip so that she has the money in her account in advance.

9. Confirm Sleeping Arrangements – Before you get to your location, make sure the sleeping arrangements have been decided. This will save a lot of headaches. For example, if you’re staying in a large suite, determine who gets the beds and who gets the sleeper sofa. To make it fair, draw names or decide to switch out halfway through the trip.

10. Pack Accordingly – Last, but not least, make sure you pack according to the activities you’ll be doing. If you’re going on an outdoor adventure, pack the proper clothes, sunscreen, sunhat, etc. If you’re unsure what to bring, research the area for typical weather, supplies you’ll need, etc. And, my personal favorite planning and prep for a Girlfriend Trip – bring snacks, wine, magazines – whatever will give you time to just hang out with your friends and enjoy life and friendship!

A girlfriend trip can be so much fun, but you need to take the time to plan it out. More importantly, you need to make sure that everyone is involved so that you’re not doing all the work. What are you waiting for? Get your girlfriends together and start planning your Girlfriend Trip!


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