Friends are like flowers“Friends are like flowers. They fill the world with beauty.”  Celeste Barnard

Sometimes pieces come along from a guest blogger that turn out to be a pretty big surprise. We’ll think we know how it will end, or whether we’ll love it or not, and wham! we wind up in a completely different place.

Today’s guest blog by Celeste Barnard is one of those wonderful surprises. We weren’t sure we were going to like it. Wrong! We don’t just like it, we love it. It is one of the quiet flowers in our life this week.

The Lord will sometimes get my attention when I’m out for a run. Anybody else? I like this. Well, except for when I’m not running. Today was no different. I was jogging along in the hot sun. Sweat dripping (I mean…dripping) off my face. I run past a tree with large white blossoms blooming throughout each branch. There is beautifully landscaped grass all around it. “Now that is beautiful,” I thought to myself.

Then as I run a little further, I see something purple in the tall, mangy, unkempt grass. It was a beautiful purple flower—almost hidden by the tall grass. Now, unlike the large white flowers woven throughout the tree branches, screaming, “Hey, look at me! I’m beautiful!” this little purple flower was hidden to anyone running by too fast. Yet, if you took the time to notice, she was really quite stunning.

Christina Davis Photography

Photo: Christina Davis Photography

Today, the Lord taught me something about friendship. There are always going to be people that are easier to be friends with. Their bubbly, outgoing appearance makes it easy to see their qualities. And that’s wonderful! But sometimes, if we can slow down just long enough, we will notice someone—the quiet flower. And if we give them the time, we will find out just how beautiful they truly are.

Many of these flowers often get overlooked. But I would ask today, who is right there in front of you that you sometimes run by and don’t even notice? She too is blooming just as the other flowers, yet often gets crowded out by the noise.

Today I encourage you to look for the hidden, quiet flower. Stop long enough to see her for who she isin all of her splendorone of God’s beautiful masterpieces.

CELESTE BARNARD is married with three children. She and her husband are Children’s Pastors and have been in ministry for over 16 years. She received her Practical theology degree from Christ For the Nations with a third year-advance study in Youth Ministry. She is currently a contributing author for Destiny in Bloom, an online magazine for women. She loves to encourage women with her speaking and writing. She also writes at

How have you found the hidden flowers in your life?

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