Friendship Girlfriendology Guide to Holiday Girlfriend AdviceWe’re stressed enough at the holidays. Wouldn’t it be great if we could come up with the perfect gift that was NO stress?! We can with girlfriend advice from Girlfriend Guru JANET DEVITO.

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Here’s some frugal advice shared in the Girlfriendology Guide to Holiday Girlfriend Advice by Girlfriend Guru and the Queen of Cruising! – Janet DeVito:

The Perfect Gift & No Stress Included!

The Holidays are time of year that are supposed to bring joy and peace on earth. I grew up thinking that the Holidays were all about spending time with family and creating wonderful memories. Nice thought…but over the years, I have questioned that notion…

”IF this is supposed to be the season of joy, why am I so stressed out?”
“IF this is the season to spend time with loved ones, how come I have no time?”

A few years ago, I was away on business the first week in December. Between meetings, I remember tears swelling in my eyes at the thought of having to go home and shop for gifts. Time was short and creeping in, and my list of “to Do’s” was growing by the minute! That was the day I decided to change the way I looked at gift buying.

I started to think about all the items that each of my children so carefully put on their list and realized that all of these “things” were just that…”things”. I tried to remember each thing I bought them last year and wondered “where was that thing now?” The answer… “I don’t know, and I wonder if they know!”

It was a monumental moment as I realized that all the stress that I endured every year was for that one moment of a smile on my child’s face, maybe a month of “Guess what I got” to their friends, and then it was a blur. At that moment the best thought I ever had came to me…

I had the perfect gift in mind and it solved my Top Four Holiday Gift Requirements:

  • It would be a gift they would remember and talk about for years to come.
  • It would be a gift that would bring us the “peace and joy” that we need so much in life.
  • It will give us the “special time with loved ones” that is so often lacking.
  • It would be a gift that I could buy without spending hours shopping!

I didn’t hesitate for a moment. I looked at my husband and said “We are all going on a cruise!” One hour and one phone call later, I had everyone’s Christmas gift bought … and I poured myself a glass of wine and relaxed! Not only did I eliminate the stress of the holidays, but I now had something amazing to look forward to … seven days of peace and joy on a cruise ship, spending time with my family and creating memories that we still laugh about years later.

It was the perfect gift for my family, but is equally perfect for anyone on your list. Whether you are gift shopping for your Mom, sister, niece or BFF…what could be better then time and memories? Memories to look forward to making, time spent together, and memories for years to come. Oh, and don’t forget that it’s just a phone call away! No stress included!

So do yourself a huge favor this Holiday Season … don’t stress, give the gift that lasts forever.

JANET DEVITO is 48 years old, happily married and just plain happy!  She always wondered what she would do when her kids were grown.  After raising five children, she decided to follow her passion for travel and friends by hosting Girls Getaway Cruises. Definitely not an “empty-nester!” You can find Janet at

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Thanks Janet for sharing! Check out her girlfriend cruises – we did one in 2011 and it was FABULOUS, FUN and FRIEND-FILLED!

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