friendship girlfriend gift pillow from tinaWhat was YOUR favorite gift this holiday season?

My girlfriend Tina is a passionate pillow designer. Like a beautiful necklace that ‘makes’ the outfit, Tina creates pillows that ‘make’ a room. She loves fabrics, ribbons, shapes and sizes that sewn together make a statement and create a mood. (Here’s her gorgeous Casa Delorenzo pillows.)

A couple years ago she surprised me with the pillow in the photo. (The orange gerbera daisy is our official ‘friendship flower.’) It’s a perfect example of a perfect gift from a thoughtful friend.

Aside from a few delayed celebrations, the Christmas gifts have been torn open like our dog with a new squeaky toy. The gorgeous papers and ribbons are now discarded, trees have lost their skirt of surprises and wrapped-up gestures of love have been given and eaten, used or put away. The post-holiday blues may have set in for the short lull between Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Before the memories fade, the last of the cookies are consumed and the toys and treasures are broken or tarnished, let’s take a moment to look at the best of the season, the giving of gifts of love.

Tina’s gift was perfect but it wouldn’t have been if it came from someone who didn’t really know me, right? It couldn’t have meant as much from a stranger or a person who accidentally gave me a perfect gift. It was a special Christmas gift because it came from a wonderful, thoughtful friend who gave it with love and with her support of my dream of growing Girlfriendology into a thriving community of girlfriends.

The best gifts of all can’t be purchased but they can be returned. They can’t be the wrong size or style. And, thankfully they are always welcomed by the lucky recipient. The gift of companionship, the display of love, the intimacy shared by friends are the true treasures of the season of giving.

I hope your favorite gifts this holiday were times with friends and family. I hope you enjoyed laughter and hugs, shared conversations and meals, and created life-long memories of spending time together. (I know I did and feel very blessed for it.)

And I hope you gave and received the gift of friendship over the holidays and that you make that your resolution for 2011. Life really is better together with your girlfriends. Let’s savor the moments in 2010 with friends and family and plan for even more in the coming New Year!