Fall Friendship Traditions – Food, Fashion, Festivals

friendship fall autumn giftsHappy Fall Girlfriend!

Do you love Autumn? … cool nights replacing summer’s heat, open windows with great sleeping weather, toasted leaves hinting that things are changing, exchanging sandals for boots and sweaters for shorts?

I do. I can’t wait for the first opportunity to wear my standard dress in cold months – tights and boots. I welcome my favorite layers of sweaters and scarves. I crave comfort food like anything out of the crockpot. I love to walk through the woods and watch the neighborhood kids play in leaves. It’s a wonderful season to consciously feel (more…)

Family Traditions – with Girlfriends who become Family!

Do you have friends who feel like family?

This was the third year that I have accepted the invitation from my fun friend Penny to join in on her street 4th of July event. 150-200 current and former neighbors (and random friends of neighbors, like me!) lined the street dressed in red, white and blue. After reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and trying to sing every patriotic song (lead by a retired military General!), the kids race decorated bikes down the street with the General marching to a boombox of more music. It is Americana on the perfect day to be an American!

I love this tradition. Partly for the hilarious kids and wonderful celebration, but also very much because my friend Penny is family. She borrows/shares things, speaks her mind on politics and books, hosts celebrations throughout the year, feeds us and equally feels comfortable in our home or with us in hers. Without planning it, she has become a lifelong friend with whom I hope to share this wonderful 4th of July tradition as long as physically possible!

Do you have a girlfriend who is closer than any family members? Or a special group of female friends who have become your sisters?

Count yourself very lucky and blessed. And, when invited to get together or do something kinda ‘family-ish’ – do it! You can never have too many girlfriends and you can’t buy the kind of support and love that you will find when you let a girlfriend into your life as part of your family! (Thanks Penny! Looking forward to next year already!)

FRIENDSHIP QUOTE FOR WOMEN: Love & Valentine’s Day inspired

FRIENDSHIP QUOTE FOR WOMEN: Love & Valentine’s Day inspired

valentines day girlfriend healthy traditionsToday’s Friendship Quote for Women Valentine’s Day inspired!:


Henry Van Dyke

Just like these sweet berries, our bodies crave good things. Even Friendship. Female friendship makes women HEALTHIER, Happier, Less Stressed, Live Longer and Feel more Beautiful! (Seriously!)

TODAY – Appreciate your Friends. Be a Better Friend.

SHARE LIFE (and maybe some berries!) WITH A FRIEND WHOM YOU LOVE!

For more girlfriend inspiration on FRIENDSHIP and LOVE:

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Girlfriend GIft Measuring Spoons HeartsToday’s Favorite Girlfriend Gift: Love Beyond Measure Heart-Shaped Measuring Spoons! (Less than $5! Get them for all your girlfriends, hostess and wedding gifts, etc.!)

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Girlfriend Book Club … not so fun? Tips to Improve Book Club Night

Girlfriend Book Club … not so fun? Tips to Improve Book Club Night

Is your girlfriend book club beginning to get a little stale?

Are you worried that it might not last through another bestseller? Then it’s time to take some steps towards making your women’s book club fun and something that your girlfriends look forward to each month.

Girlfriend Book Club tips

There are no faster or firmer friendships than those formed between people who love the same books.” Irving Stone

I love my book club. We have so much fun eating, drinking and talking – that we sometimes ALMOST forget to talk about the book. Even though this girlfriend get-together is a blast, there are always opportunities to make it even more fun – right?! So, here are 7 Tips to Improve Book Club Night:

1. Branch Out – People make the mistake of sticking to books that are on the bestseller list. Branch out. Read classics. Read books written by independent authors. Read the book a friend has been raving about. Don’t limit your choices. More importantly, give everyone a chance to pick a book by alternating who picks each month or have everyone write down their choice and pick next month’s book from a hat.

2. Create a Themed Menu of Snacks and Drinks – People are more apt to have fun when there are drinks and snacks involved. Things are even more fun when you create snacks and drinks that revolve around the book’s theme. For example, if you’re reading a book set in Kentucky serve a bourbon-based cocktail and bourbon pecan pie. (For the book, The Help, one of my neighbors brought chocolate pie to Book Club! What a scream! For more ideas, read ‘Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons‘ by Lorna Landvik – very fun read about girlfriends in a book club.)

3. Watch the Movie – Another great tip is to choose book club books that have a movie and then watch the movie during the meeting or, if it is a current movie, go to the theatre together. You can then compare the two by discussing the actor choices, how close the movie stuck to the story line, etc.

4. Have Giveaways – Everyone loves giveaways and you don’t have to give away expensive stuff. It can be some cheap paperbacks you picked up at the local dollar store, bookmarks, $5 Amazon gift cards, etc. You could then give away items during the discussion or you could even have a contest on who brought the best snack to the meeting.

5. Swap Books – Chances are all the book club members read a lot of books each month. Why not do a book swap during the book club meeting each month? This is a great way for everyone to get more books to read without spending any money. (Note: my book club also does a magazine swap every Summer. We all get to try new magazines and take a summer vacation from reading a required book.)

6. Choose Fun Discussion Topics – Last, but not least, choose fun discussion topics. Talk about the sexy hero. Discuss who would make a great cast for a movie version. Talk about any loose ends and how you think the author should tie them up in the next book, etc. Just have fun with it and don’t stick to the discussion guide you found in the book or online. It should be fun, not an assignment.

7. Bring a New Friend Night – Our Fave, of course, is to make it a very social evening and invite other women to join you. They can choose to read the book or not, and may get out of bringing an appetizer or dessert (or whatever guidelines you have for eating at book club!). It’s just fun to meet new friends and to have new conversations with new women.

Your girlfriend book club doesn’t have to be boring. There are so many easy tricks you can use to make the meetings more fun. Whether it’s talking about the intriguing characters in the books or turning each meeting into a book swap, you can definitely improve your women’s book club.

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