playground artist guru love letters, prayer All that you hold in your heart, all that you wish and dream and long for, it is all beautiful. I believe in you.

Rachel Awes

Unexpected surprises. Random acts of kindness. Things that brighten someone’s day.

All wonderful blessings. Especially when you needed just that. Girlfriend Guru (and fabulous artist) RACHEL AWES and her friends shared this surprise blessing with book lovers in their home town. (Maybe you and your friends could do something like this …)

I recently gathered a few girlfriends and met at our local library. We came armed with various sizes of paper and lots of different colors of crayons and markers and scissors. With our secret mission in mind, we huddled together in the back and began writing our love on to little notes to place in books. Once ready, we found various books and left our anonymous girlfriend love mark. It was fun to choose which book. My favorite was leaving one in Judy Blume’s book “Are You There God, It’s Me, Margaret”. Then we hugged good-bye and went on with the rest of our day.

This was both a joyful and meaningful way to be with girlfriends! Spreading love, like sending out notes in a bottle to an ocean. The big blue awaiting our hearts.

If you might ever do this, there are so many things you could put on paper! Here are just a few ideas:library notes, girlfriend get together

  • You Are Beautiful
  • You Are Loved
  • Your Life Has Deep Purpose
  • Your Dreams Matter
  • (A longer note): Dear Reader, All that you hold in your heart, all that you wish and dream and long for, it is all beautiful. I believe in you. Take that next step. Even if a little one. Anything of depth is made of little steps. That’s how we swim into an ocean. Harps and guitars play for you. Your heart beat plays for you. I am so glad you are here. Peace and love always to you.smiley faces, sharing friendship

Or maybe you’d prefer to meet your girlfriends at a bookstore and do this. Or a coffee shop. A magazine rack at the grocery store or Target or the place of anywhere.

Pretty soon, maybe we’ll find that we and our girlfriends can spread our love to the whole wide world.

RACHEL AWES is a psychologist, art playgroundist, writer, wife, mother & friend, who loves listening to the beauty in people. You can see more of her art or her artistic thoughts on Pinterest. You can also read more of her work on her blog

What are your tips for sharing joy, girlfriend?friendship,girlfriends

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