Phyllis Dobbs and the girls poker nightMy girlfriend Phyllis Dobbs is an amazing artist and author. She’s licensed designs for fabrics, cards, plates, books and more. As busy as she is, she still finds time for her girlfriends.

In fact, her girlfriend group gets together every month to play poker. She shared:

Our girlfriend group has been meeting once a month for approximately four years and have nine members. Although we do play poker, the evening is more about socializing and catching up on what is going on in our lives and to offer support when needed. As with any group over a period of time, we’ve had it all – marriage of children, birth of grandchildren, death of parents, family illnesses, divorce, and moves. We all put a high priority on our poker night and only a trip out of town, or an event involving our family or children prevent us from attending. Last night, only five of us were able to attend due to several being out of town. My poker party girlfriend group in the photo are (from left to right): Lana, Maxine (who has been playing poker all her life and keeps us all in line!), Kay, Sue and Me (Phyllis).

Looks like fun, doesn’t it? Do you have a girlfriend group? Maybe you should.

Thanks Phyllis for sharing your group with us. Tell us about your girlfriend group and send a photo, we’ll feature you on

p.s. Phyllis posted the recipe for a Blackberry Trifle (that looks so yummy!) that they had last night. Check it out!

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