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We’ve made it in to April! Happy Spring Girlfriends!

For some reason, we have a LOT of fab friends with birthdays this month. (Is your birthday in April? Tell us in the comment section – we hope you have an exceptionally wonderful day!)  Girlfriend Guru, ARLETT R. HARTIE, author Chasing Joy, celebrated her birthday last month – she’s been thinking about birthdays recently and was kind enough to share her thoughts with us.

It’s true! You do get smarter with age. How do I know?  I was racking my brain trying to figure out what I wanted to write to you girlfriends about for my monthly Girlfriendology post.  I just could not figure it out.  Then I had a birthday, and new exactly what I wanted to write about.  So 32 is the magical age where all the wisdom kicks in.  Or, is it that I had such a wonderful birthday that I had to share it with all of you girlfriends??? HMMM… I guess a little of both.

My birthday was absolutely phenomenal this year.  I usually have a good birthday but this one was by far one of the bests.  I had a relaxing facial during the day and the lady did not even try to sell me anything.  Then I picked up my birthday cake.  I got it at Bredenbeck’s Bakery here in Philadelphia.   It was beautiful and way nicer than I’d imagined.  My birthday is St. Patrick’s Day and my Green Shamrock Girlfriend birthday cakecake came complete with Shamrocks and a pot of gold (it was also delicious). Later that night I celebrated with about 15 of my girlfriends. Almost everyone I invited was able to come.  We ate, drank, and were very, very merry.

I know all of my Girlfriendology girlfriends are happy I had such a wonderful birthday, but I bet some of you are thinking that’s nice but why a blog post?  As I was posting a few birthday pictures on my Facebook page I was thinking about how much fun I had.  Then I was thinking about a few of my girlfriends who want their birthdays to go by without even a mention.  I just don’t understand it.

Every year we either experience the lost of a Girlfriend Birthday Celebrationsloved one or know someone who has.  Shouldn’t that teach us that life is to be celebrated?  Now I know aging is not all that glamorous with the wrinkles, and the gray hair, and the pounds that are harder to get off.  But either you get older or you don’t.  So embrace and celebrate the getting older. Besides we have hair dye, eye cream, and Spanx on our side.

Plus, your birthday is the only day that is all about Y-O-U!!! Most of us rarely do what we really want to do.  We usually try to do our thing within the confines of what will work with our families’, friends’, and employers’ schedules, especially you moms.  When was the last time you took a day just for you? Well your birthday is your chance.  Make your day your own. Lock yourself in your room with your favorite book and bottle of wine.  Get together with that friend you only see once a year.  Treat yourself to something special or some pampering.  Do whatever it is that will make you smile.  It is your day!!!

Girlfriends, let’s stop looking at the glass as half empty.  Stop viewing your birthdays as some sort of tidal wave washing your youth away.  Keep it positive and let your friends and family shower you with Love instead. After all, it really is just a day.  Other than my amazing insights of what to write for this post, 31 does not feel all that different from 32.  Just as 25 did not feel all that different from 24, and as I Girlfriendology friendshipimagine 50 won’t feel all that different from 49.  But it is your day and you should acknowledge the blessing that it is and enjoy it.  So, Go Girlfriend, it’s Your Birthday!!!

ARLETT R HARTIE is the author of the blog Chasing Joy. Arlett’s writing focuses on her efforts to find happiness after a rough time in her life, and hold on to it through all of life’s ups and downs.  She writes about all things related to joy, positivity, and gratitude.  She is a daughter, sister, auntie, and Girlfriend. You can also find Arlett on Pinterest.

Happy Birthday Arlett – and all our girlfriends celebrating their birthday this month.

Our Birthday wish for you – whatever the date of your special day!

Happy Belated Birthday Arlett! Thanks so much for the inspiration you share here on Girlfriendology! Check out Arlett’s previous guest blogs: The Joy of Girlfriend Get-togethers and Mirror Mirror Girlfriend Inspiration.

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