FRIENDSHIP Happy Birthday GirlfriendRecently my girlfriend, the amazing 🙂 LIZ STRAUSS*, had a birthday and she shared about it in her newsletter:

(She talked about birthday traditions …) “… I stopped trying to make the ultimate birthday and relaxed into a new idea.

“What if I could spend that day just going with whatever I felt like doing — no guilt, no pressure, no need to entertain or be entertained?”

Now I spend my birthday relaxed in quiet things … sometimes I go somewhere, sometimes I stay home, most times I don’t decide until that very day.”

She, as she often does, inspired me to write this and to consider how we celebrate birthdays with our best friends.

I agree – I think we get caught up in birthday celebrations and trying to come up with something BIG when we might just need to some some little, quiet moments together. Yes, I remember the kindness of girlfriends making a fuss over my birthday – those are special. Like … I remember (kinda!) my 21st birthday with my college roommate Barb. We drove down to Indianapolis in her red VW Bug and we went dancing (yes, and a few beverages were served). And, of course, there was that ‘incident’ with the campus ‘cops’ that almost got me thrown out of college – but it sure made it memorable!

Fortunately, we live near each other so many years later and still have the tradition of celebrating our birthdays together. Not so much for hitting the bars and dancing, now we prefer a quiet night of  shopping at TJ Maxx or Marshalls together (and have been known to buy the same items) then a glass of wine and dinner together. It’s that quiet conversation – from our ‘glory days’ in college, to our families, to our hopes and dreams that I cherish.

Like Liz shared, it’s exactly how I want to spend my birthday – whether it’s on the official day or not. It’s with my friend. One of my dearest, ‘oldest,’ kindest (if that’s a word!) friends. It’s my favorite birthday tradition.

Thanks Liz for inspiring me to appreciate that birthday tradition with Barb. And Barb, thanks for your amazing friendship. I am a blessed girl for these and so many great girlfriends!

What birthday traditions do you have with your girlfriends? How can you make their day special?

* Liz Strauss, in my humble opinion, is the smartest woman in the blogosphere and one of the nicest people in the world. She works with big companies, co-founded SobCon – a wonderful conference for bloggers/businesses, and inspires people on a daily basis with her tweets, blogs and in sharing all that she knows.