christmas,gifts,friends,girlfriendsEach day comes bearing its own gifts.  Untie the ribbons ~Ruth Ann Schabacker

We’re here. We’re in the midst of the ‘hectic holidays.’ We’re busy with parties and plans, gifts and greetings, trees and trimmings. We’ve got lists of lists and expectations of others that we/they may or may not meet.

The holidays* are a wonderful time, whether we realize it or not, to acknowledge the most amazing gift that we receive any/every day of our lives – the amazing gift of friendship.

Christmas gifts (or Hanukkah gifts) are wonderful. They’re tangible expression of friendship and love. We’ve got a bunch of girlfriend gifts listed below – they’re awesome.

Give the Gift of Friendship at Christmas

But, at the end of the day, at the end of the holiday season – what makes us happy … what makes us REALLY HAPPY, are the friends who are there for us all year round. The gift of female friendship is the best wrapped gift each year – it’s the gift that makes us healthier, happier, less stressed, live longer and feel more beautiful. It’s the gift that keeps on giving by giving us a friend to call when we’re happy or sad, stressed or giddy.

Think about that inspirational quote above … we have the gift of friendship .. UNTIE THE RIBBONS.

Girlfriends are the best gift we can give ourselves.

So, how do we give the gift of friendship at the holidays? (or any day, right?!) We’ve got some ideas …

  1. Thoughtfulness – What shows a friend that you really value her friendship? Thoughtfulness. Being aware of her likes, needs, preferences .. shows that you care. We all love a friend who is thoughtful, right? Are you that kind of friend? Do you make the extra effort to be thoughtful in your gift giving? (or do you give her, God forbid! ;), the same give you would give your mom or a neighbor?!) Our girlfriend gift recommendation: make it a gift that is perfect just for HER, not a generic gift. Give her a gift that makes you as happy to give as it is for her to receive. Be that thoughtful girlfriends 🙂
  2. Listening – We all need someone to listen, right? And the best person to listen is a great friend. Who of your friends needs someone to just listen? To be there for them through good and bad things, to help them figure out life’s questions. What can you give your friends? Give the girlfriend gift of listening. Of showing her that her life – all the highs and lows of it – are worth hearing and understanding.  Be a better friend – be a BETTER LISTENER!
  3. Forgiveness – Life throws funny things at us. Things like jealousy and misunderstandings. We all have insecurities and challenges, sometimes we forget how much friendships mean to us. Let’s give the best friendship gift of all … forgiveness.

Girlfriends, like the inspirational quote above says: Each day comes bearing its own gifts.  Untie the ribbons. Your friends are there for you – and for that you are very blessed (right?!).

(* While I celebrate Christmas, we love our girlfriends who celebrate Hanukkah, etc. Happy Holidays Girlfriends!)

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