Makeover before and after 30 day appearance challengeAre you thinking of a new “look” in the new year? Or maybe you’re considering adding a great accessory to your wardrobe?

Girlfriend Guru and fashion expert Donna Gamache shares secrets for successfully finding your personal style “fit” in 2012.

It’s that time of year when we all start thinking about becoming more fit.  Who wouldn’t after all the holiday goodies and time away from our normal routine?  I know from experience that the gym will start to clear in a couple of months and that Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig will experience huge enrollments this month.  Since my expertise is in personal style and shape, I won’t give you a list of what to do to be physically fit.  What I will give you is a list of what you can do to ensure a good “fit” for your personal style and shape. No matter what size you are, it is important to dress in clothes that reflect who you are from the inside out and to dress in clothes that fit your body.

The best personal style “fit” is one based on your personality and not on some runway fashions or trends.

  • What you choose to wear should reflect who you are on the inside.  If you are unsure of your personal style, you can get a free analysis at
  • Select pieces that reflect you and your uniqueness. For example, if your style is Endless Romantic, you will want to choose pieces that are soft and ruffled or lacey rather than stiff, structured pieces.
  • Avoid choosing what you wear based on what you see on others. This results in purchases that are either worn once or not at all.  Choose what you wear based on your personal style.

The best personal shape “fit” will ensure you look your best.

  • Choose pieces that help create the appearance of perfect proportions both vertically and horizontally.
  • Avoid clothes that are too tight or are too big.
  • Don’t settle for the fit you get from a department store.  Find a good tailor that will make the right adjustments and give you a perfect fit.

Remember these simple guidelines the next time you go shopping so you get the right “fit” for your personal style and shape.

DONNA GAMACHE, speaker, author, and coach works with clients to help them create a Powerful Presence. Donna combines her personal experiences as an image consultant, boutique owner, representative for two designer lines of clothing, and the work she has done with entrepreneurial women as Executive Managing Director of eWomenNetwork, to help professionals define who they are on the inside so they present themselves authentically. She has two published books and hosts the monthly Gamache Panache radio show.

What are your style tips, girlfriend? How do you decide what the right fashion “fit” is for you?

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