Friendship Facebook Twitter Girlfriendology Community FriendsWhat’s new girlfriend? Are you ‘going’ to Book Club? Getting the coupons on Sunday? Listening in on Friday?

It’s a fun week here in Girlfriendology Headquarters. We’ve met some fans this week (who always get a hug!), had some sitings of our commercial (kinda cool!) and had our local Book Club which always gets me excited for our online Book Club. So, here’s the weekly update:

Friendship Girlfriendology Biz AdHonestly – we love Biz detergent! They’ve included us in their commercial (have you seen it? you can here as well as get a $2 off coupon!) and now a print ad and fab coupon that will come out on Sunday, August 29th (this Sunday!) to 57 million households (except Cincinnati area!). It’s such an honor to work with them. They’re committed to their product and the solutions that it offers (and their fans – from our mothers to moms everywhere, LOVE their product!). Look for the coupons in this week’s paper and online. And check out their online coupons too. Every girlfriend who signs up for the newsletter starting this weekend (for the next month) will get a “Girlfriend Advice Cheat Sheet of Stain Removal Tips.” (And you can enter to win a new washer too!)

FRIENDSHIP Girlfriendology Book Club AugustDon’t forget to join us on MONDAY, (This Monday – August 30th) 7-8pm ET on for our monthly online Book Club. We’re excited to be joined by the author, CATHIE BECK, who wrote a great friendship book: “Cheap Cabernet: A Friendship.” Just come to and the latest blog will lead you to the page where we’ll comment and refresh the page to see new comments. See you online – at Book Club!!

Do you LOVE Chocolate? And, do you LOVE great Girlfriend Gifts? We’ve combined the two in this week’s girlfriend gift shopping guide – Chocolate Lover Girlfriend Gifts. From edibles to facials, we’ve got great girlfriend gift recommendations with happiness antioxidants built right in.

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Just a little Girlfriend Inspiration

“We know not where our dreams will take us,

but we can probably see quite clearly where we’ll go without them.”

Marilyn Grey

Go for your dreams girlfriends! And have a fun, friend-filled week!