All you need is love and chocolate, quoteAll you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt. — Charles M. Schulz

Roses are red, violets are blue, BFFs are the best, be they old or new.
Silly Valentine’s Poem … but it is a way of reminding us to celebrate female friends as well as this season of love and Valentine’s with these 5 Valentine’s Day Inspired Girlfriend Lessons:

1. Cards, Flowers & Gifts are good – They’re not meant just for ‘lovers.’ They don’t have to be ‘romantic’ gifts. They’re thoughtful and special and will be appreciated. So … send a friend flowers. Write her a silly or sweet card. Give a little gift that shows how much her friendship means to you.
2. Tell your BFF that you love them. It’s kinda silly, but we’re more hesitant sometimes to tell a friend that we love them. Don’t be! Friends love to hear that they’re loved – right?! (Or, if you feel a little ‘strange’ saying it, tell her how much you love her friendship – it’s the same thing.)
3. Make her feel Special – like their friendship is to you. The perfect perfume, a beautiful bangle, delivery of their favorite coffee drink to their office … through a gift or a gift of kindness, show her how special her friendship is to you. Make her feel loved!

4. Chocolate is GOOD – Not many women I know who would turn down chocolate, right? Give her a ‘sweet’ gift – a special treat that she’ll enjoy along with the thought of your friendship.
5. Be there for each other – The best thing about holidays where you celebrate each other is the reminder that we’re here for each other. Be there for her – maybe Valentine’s Day isn’t so happy or she’d like to be reminded how fun her friendship is … be thoughtful and kind and show her you love her and her friendship.

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