Girlfriend brunch ideas-orange-cherry-coffee-cake“Welcome, every morning with a smile. Today will never happen again. Don’t waste it with a false start or no start at all.” – Og Mandino

It’s almost the weekend, girlfriend, and we have the PERFECT way to make it great! Invite your girlfriends over for a BFF Brunch. Guaranteed to start your day with a smile, we’ve got Five Ideas for a Girlfriend Brunch:

1. Keep it Simple & Make Ahead – I want to be relaxed when my friends arrive, so I generally opt for comfort-type food that can be made ahead of time – like this Orange Cherry Coffee Cake by my girlfriends at Cooking with Caitlin. (I love their food – plus, they’re girlfriends! Caitlin, Kelly & Molly!) Make it the day before and just warm it up a little when the girls arrive. I promise great girlfriend conversations with happen over this coffee cake!

2. Stick to Cold Foods – Give me some fruit and a bagel, and as long as it is along side a mug of ‘joe, I’m a happy girl. Prepare (or just purchase) the fruit and pastries before they arrive and just serve them up for the girls. Be respectful for the likes/dislikes of your girlfriends – and knowing their food needs (like who might be gluten-free, vegetarian or is allergic to nuts, etc.). Make sure they feel welcome and comfortable in your home.

3. Your Friend Faves – Ask your girlfriend guests to bring their favorite brunch food. (You might want to find out in advance what they’re bringing so you don’t have three egg casseroles!) Try to have a selection of sweet and savory breakfast treats, as well as some healthy fruit. Have coffee, cream, sweeteners, juice, plates, etc. (And if someone isn’t sure about cooking for the group, ask them to bring some flowers. We’re kinda partial to orange gerbera daisies – aka friendship flowers!)

4. Get Creative! – Theme the brunch around a holiday or creative theme. (Or make up your own holiday – like ‘Happy Jill Day!’) Have ingredients for everyone to make their own omelet, waffle (with berries and nuts to add) or custom-blended Bloody Mary. Go outside or meet at a park, and have a picnic. Have a surprise guest or surprises for your guests – like little goodie bags with girlie type gifts (nail polish, little candles, cute notes, candy, etc.). Load up the car with your BFFs and take off for a surprise destination brunch. Just have fun with it! (And take pictures to remember your fun girlfriend brunch!)

5. Go Out! – If making breakfast and/or cleaning your house just isn’t going to happen, no worries. Don’t miss the opportunity to bring the girls together for a brunch at a local restaurant or bar. Make it a regular event and try new places. Find a new place no one has been or go back to a restaurant where you’ve been before and talk about all the things that have happened since you were there. (And remember, it doesn’t have to be a Sunday to have brunch. You can do that anytime that works for you and your friends! De-stress, (possibly) drink and dine with your fave friends – the best ways to start a morning!

(And here’re more Girlfriend Traditions you can start with your friends!)

Today quote Og MandinoWhatever you do, just get the girls together! Life’s too short to not spend time with your favorite female friends. Start your day with a smile with a Girlfriend Brunch! What’s your favorite recipe for a great day with your BFFs?




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