Cheers to a new year Oprah quoteCheers to a New Year & another chance for us to get it right. – Oprah Winfrey

Do you make New Year Resolutions? And, do you usually keep them?

‘Tis the season for challenging ourselves to be healthier, exercise more and eat less, to read more and watch TV less, to learn a new skill or improve one, to drink more water and possibly less wine, to be a better person and, in the spirit of Girlfriendology, to BE A BETTER FRIEND. (right? RIGHT?!) 🙂

Resolutions are our annual way to try and make us healthier and happier. Having great girlfriends does the same! The fact is: female friendships lower our blood pressure, reduce stress, make us feel more beautiful and help us live longer! So, why not prioritize friendships as resolution-worthy?

As you consider your New Year’s resolutions, think about these ideas to make the coming year healthy, happy and filled with friends:

  1. 1. Start a girlfriend group – Make getting together with your girlfriends a regular event. Start a book club, knitting group or monthly dinner get-together.
  2. 2. Re-connect with long-distance friends – Find them through Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or Switchboard. Make contact and stay in touch. Share photos, memories and updates with the people in your life with whom you share a past and make them part of your future. Who was your best friend in high school – look her up and laugh about old times together.
  3. 3. Establish a habit of friendship – Call a girlfriend every Sunday night or plan a regular lunch date with a local gal pal. Start a girlfriend group and send email updates every Friday so you all know what everyone is up to. Or, plan a happy hour every month and invite all your girlfriends. I promise you’ll look forward to this get-together!New Years Resolution Friendship
  4. 4. Celebrate girlfriends – Commit to sending a birthday card or calling all your girlfriends on their special day. Let them know you’re thinking of them and how much their friendship means to you. Start out by writing down all your friends’ birthdays. Check for birthdays on Facebook and other social media sites for birthday calendars.
  5. 5. Volunteer or take a class with your girlfriends – This is a great New Year’s resolution because you’re doing good – for yourself and/or others. Plan time where you help others or learn together by volunteering or taking classes. Or give back to others in your community through starting a non-profit organization or educating others about great causes/information.
  6. 6. Get Social Online – Start a blog about your life and your friendships. Get your girlfriends involved by asking them to contribute or at least read and comment on it. Post your updates, thoughts, activities, photos and share girlfriend advice others would appreciate. Write a guest blog on your friendships or girlfriend advice for Girlfriendology. Build your online friendships. Often these friendships are just as tight as with friends who live close by.
  7. Meet new friends – Decide to get out more in the coming year and find new friends. Join an organization, introduce yourself to your neighbors, participate in a local charity or group. Network for work connections but also for future friends.
  8. Start a fun girlfriend tradition – Start a tradition of having a party or getting together with your girlfriends for a fun event. Host an Oscars gala or plan a Summer Solstice party. Or find a ‘strange’ day and celebrate it (National Hat Day – Jan. 15, No Socks Day – May 8, Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day – July 1, or Sept. 17– Wear Something Gaudy Day!). Just make it a tradition, take photos and have fun.
  9. Start (and keep) an Exercise Routine with Friends – The best way to stay motivated to workout, is to do it with a friend. I know this for a fact, from experience. Want to skip a day? Your friend(s) will ‘encourage’ you to join them. Added bonus: you’ll get to spend more time with your friend(s). Great benefits of fitness friends!
  10. Create Memories – Create a ‘bucket list’ of things you’ve never done but always dreamed of doing. Now find friends to accompany you on adventurous list checking events. Longed to go sky- or scuba-diving – find girlfriends to join you and make it even more memorable.

As Oprah says … Cheers to a New Year & another chance for us to get it right …

Make the coming year THE YEAR you BE A BETTER FRIEND. You won’t regret it. Make the resolution to be the kind of friend you’d love to have. It’s going to be a GREAT YEAR!

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